A Design Exhibition
Immersed in the Journey
Between Earth & Mars



November 30–December 9

Opening Reception
November 30, 2016
at 5:00pm
in the Art Building
Main Gallery

Free & open to the public


Erica Lull
Cassandra Reese
Zuzana Kubisova
Alan Walker
Joshua Bird
Jordan Kauffman
Omari Souza
Alex Catanese


Jessica Barness
Ken Visocky O'Grady


In the ages of Ferdinand Magellan and Marco Polo, explorers set out to span distances unimaginable to the populous. Whether charting vast oceans or emerging landscape, they carried with them the prospect that, upon their return, the world as they knew it would change. The stories they would tell, the information they would relay, and the places they would depict had the potential to expand the realm of possibility. In this spirit space travel has redefined our contemporary idea of what is possible. Will people one day travel to and live on Mars? What will this mean for the human experience?

Surveys is a work of Kent State University's School of Visual Communication Design MFA students, inspired by NASA’s Orion Spacecraft, built to transport humans to interplanetary destinations such as asteroids, the moon and eventually Mars. The design exhibition immerses visitors with the goal of challenging people’s thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of space travel. Divided into three specific installations, Surveys presents a variety of media including archival video, documentary audio, and found objects. The exhibition will open November 30th at 5:00pm in the main gallery of Kent State University's Art Building.